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Great posting! Especially the mouth-watering photos.


Wow, I just discovered burrata - it never even occured to me to try my hand at actually making it. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I think you've just provided me with my next weekend project!


is this hard to make?


Great post! Thanks!


My new love affair with this cheese from heaven began at Trattoria del Arte in New York City. I ordered it by accident and now would drive 4 hours there and back just for my FIX! I can not believe that you just shared how to make it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and my doctor has other sentiments. Hee Hee can't wait to try my hand at this. I will become a goddess if I can actually make it work! I'll let ya know.


Deb in KY

I've started making my own mozzarella and now planning to try Burrata. Is there any reason I can't use my own mozzarella curd for this? Do you know what stage of of cheese-making the store-bought "curd" is at so I can adjust my recipe? Ie. Is it just the curds before heating and stretching?

Thanks so much for the recipe: I'm really fired up to try making it for my home use!

Deb Hall
Gourmet For Everyone
Louisville, KY

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I can't believe you share just how to do it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my doctor has other feelings. Hee cannot wait to try my instead.

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