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It's so wonderful that you'll be going to Gilroy for the festival! I always miss it everytime I visit the west coast. Just thinking of Gilroy, I crave garlic fries.


Mmm...garlic. Thanks for sharing the cauliflower recipe - I'm going to try it!

Passionate Eater

Congratulations on the mention in the NY Times!

I passed by through Gilroy yesterday, and the garlic aroma penetrated my nostrils as I drove by in my self-contained car. Garlic is so pungent, it can even get through my vehicle!


This sounds divine. Actually anything with garlic always sounds great to me! Will try this, thanks. :)

Complete kitchen

Over the centuries, garlic was known as aphrodisiacs. I can answer this myself because I've been cooking with garlic in my life and, oh, baby!

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